Thursday, 1 December 2016

Care Of The Cow ‎– I Still Don't Know Your Style (USA 1981)

A fabulously quasi photographic cover drawing reminiscent of Durer to start.

From a completely unknown American Henry Cow or Art Bears-like RIO outfit, the B1 track Slope of her Nose will immediately give you an idea of the kind of modern composition on a rock basis we are dealing with here, augmented with demented vocals and random weirdnesses:

I suppose the biggest influence here would be Lindsay Cooper, who made some really magnificent albums in the same time period.

The artists of note here are singer Christina Baczewska (obviously looking very different on the verso for this LP) and guitarist Victor Sanders.  Notice they collaborated for a CD in 1993.  Would love to hear that one.

To boot, much of the lyrics appear to be poetry with the most interesting ("Eternally at Work") being the poem about the 16 geraniums:

"A friend of mine brought me 16 geraniums
I will send you a list of them
14 of which are perfectly new to me
remaining invariant they may be parents in the spring
with a tail that curls like a snake or a head like a horse.
I am very obliged for the heart cc...

So this adds an extra level of interest at least for me to the album.



  2. Thanks for all the vintage fusion! Here is one I recorded 6 years ago for ProgNotFrog, just found it on an old hard drive!!

    Ryzuk Hvasta Anderson Scariati - Fusion Quartet Comprovisations (1981-US)

  3. Hi,moxnix.
    Thanks for the post .
    The album is the same as ...Phase "Midnight Madness" (1979 ,USA )

  4. Hi Julian.Me again.:-) . Could you possibly ,please if you have, post
    Dave Pike-On a gentle note. &
    Jiro Inagaki & HIs Soul Media-Funky Stuff.?

    1. Dave Pike on a gentle note:

    2. and the jiro inagaki funky stuff:

    3. Awesome Julian.Thanks so much.

  5. thanks for all the music.... here is one request you may could help me to find... it's may not progressive enough for some here, but worth a listen

    thanks a lot

  6. I never heard of that last one. I'll check it out though.

    And I'll post quite a few requests in about three weeks, coincidentally around the 24th of this month