Saturday, 17 December 2016

Kimagure Tenshi: Yuji Ohno and Chu Kosaka - OST 1976 by request

This is squarely in the easy soundtrack, accessible style of the mid-seventies, very light to imperceptible on the advertised funk and fusion moves.  It's hard to find in any kind of database, the images from an ebay seller  which may well have disappeared into "the cloud" by the time you read this are probably the most you can expect outside of Japanese websites for music purchases.

For me the best track was 9, whatever the heck its name is:

This is the first of a few requests that I'll post in this holiday season, with the biggest posting of all coming up on Xmas Eve-- so stay tuned for that one which is sure to surprise most people, I think.


  1. mp3:

    upload of lyrics sheet from Rosemarie Taylor as requested:

  2. Thanks again bro for the continuing musical enlightenment on matters both great and small...always good surprises, like that Timebreaker lp :)
    I look forward to the xmas Eve special my friend!

    Well the holiday season has descended upon us once again,
    marking the closure of an exceptionally shitty year -
    muttering 'never again' I close the door on bad realities and
    go away for awhile Inside a private universe...
    Here we find spiritual comfort and inner calm,
    an Inside Outpost, where we can get a little peace & enjoyment...
    ...this is how to get there.
    -Inside Outpost-
    1. Keep On Thinking Free!....The Moody Blues
    2. Lovely To See You....The Moody Blues
    3. Holidays....The Beach Boys
    4. With Me Tonight....The Beach Boys
    5. Scarborough Fair/Canticle....Simon & Garfunkel
    6. Everyday....Westfauster
    7. Floating....The Moody Blues
    8. Flying....The Beatles
    9. ...out of the cage....Genesis
    10. Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy....Fantasia OST
    11. Sentimental Journey/Las Mananitas....Harper's Bizarre
    12. I Think I'll Just Go And Find Me A Flower....Twinn Connexion
    13. Lesley's World....Orpheus
    14. Inside....Jethro Tull
    15. Wintertime Love....The Doors
    16. Skating....Vince Guaraldi Trio
    17. The Mist Of Time....The Hellers
    18. We've Loved Before....Arabesque OST
    19. Arabian Dance....Fantasia OST
    20. Orejona Mater....Franck Dervieux
    21. Good Vibrations Closing Bit....The Beach Boys

    And here's a wild treat from 1977,
    Spirit's often-overlooked clip/sample-gem,
    Future Games: A Magical Kahauna Dream
    Largely a Kaptain Kopter creation, it's also got contributions by
    Kim Fowley and Dr. Demento as well as side-kick Commander Cassidy...
    rich in cut-up clips of Star Trek, old radio shows and lots of other weird shit
    that all interweaves, there's some real great Spirit tunes in there as well...
    this is my rip from hardcopy

    Finally, to complete my holiday trio,
    is a real rarity taped from radio back in 1984 by
    my long gone old friend Lucy when she lived in Frisco.
    An old Hearts Of Space classic #40 -
    Sounds And Visions From The North...
    this is the original unrevised super-rare relic with original intro
    ripped from cassette - Thanks Lucy!!
    I also included another great classic program from 1984,
    #52 - Sea And Sky...I have this on cassette as well, but the sound is pretty we went for digital rip on this one, another gem!

    Enjoy my friends, Happy holidays!

  3. Hey Julian,

    thanks for another year with your blog, i higly appreciate your work . Here are the links to some rips of mine, to my knowledge none of them has been published on CD.

    1.) Raldf Nowy Group-Nowy 2
    This rare lp contains Edo Zanki on vocals on most of the tracks. The music itself is a bit too disco but the singer is great nevertheless.

    2.) Manor Life-Camelo Pardalis
    This one is highly interesting if you´re a fan of the late great Ollie Halsall, he plays guitar on most and keyboards on some of the tracks.

    3.) Mike Hugg-Somewhere
    A rare lp of the former Manfred Mann singer and drummer, MM plays on one track very calm and interesting songwritng.

    You may share these items on your website a merry xmas for your family and yourself, one last thing:maybe there´s a philanthrop out there to share Derwyn Holder´s Astrla Visions: Time Open album with the rest of the world.

    Best regards


  4. Thanks on behalf of all the readers!
    that Ralf Nowy 2 I've loved a lot precisely because of the involvement of Edo Zanki (called Don Anderson here in this blog, check out his amazing 2 albums from the early seventies!!)

    And it's always fantastic to hear from you OC!

  5. Fantastic music, I love it, thank you so much for sharing !