Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Kim Kristensen ‎– Aner (Denmark, 1990)

A beautiful cover painting indeed.  Note the credit on the back scan.

This is complex, gorgeously composed music with chamber instruments, mostly featuring acoustic piano but occasionally with electric guitar and synths.  Compositions are all by Mr. Kristensen, who, obviously, is the pianist.  Sparse information here.

The first track as a sample:

The similarity to classic Frenchman Thollot is unusual for a Scandinavian record, to be sure.

Note that he really changes it up nicely when he pulls out the synthesizer for the second side.  It's kind of one of those fabrications-- more acoustic on the first and synthetic on the second-- except that, to his credit, he doesn't follow that admittedly cliched script.

The complex almost atonal quality of it reminds me a bit of Michael Mantler's music, or any kind of later ECM, and in fact Kristensen played with the great Mantler later.  An earlier project called Ocean Fables I'll see if I can explore on a later post.


  1. Thanks, Julian!
    Wonderful blog with perfect music, for my taiste!!!

  2. Thank you Julian, I rather enjoyed this!

  3. Julian, I was wondering if you can help with three records
    Tear it Up especially but all three look very interesting.

    1. Julian I found mp3 of the Enormous Radio this weekend
      so scratch that one from the list. Thanks

  4. Hey Julian, I found these downloads for two albums with
    Kim Kristensen

    They are both really good, Thanks again for introducing
    me to Kim Kristensen.

  5. Julian, do you have the first Ocean Fables album?

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