Saturday, 1 May 2021

Contrevent's Three Fusion Albums Jeu de Paume, Youkali, Terre de Feu from 1985 to 1993 [limited time only]

Again, like the previous, these Canadian guys made wonderful instrumental fusion that is mostly missed today.  Three albums in total, with--big surprise--the first being the standout.  It's just filled with wonderful ideas and compositions, e.g. Chanterelle (as in, the mushroom I think):

But without a doubt, like in the case of Solstice, the subsequent albums are a bit less impressive.

From the last album, a very inventively semi-dissonant track called Smog:


    limited time only

  2. My goodness, I love how you turn up treasures from the past. I am mellowing and likely would not have enjoyed the intricacies of this music in the past.

    Thanks for this, its music I can play in the house without my wife cringing, plus as a bonus they are Canadian, eh?