Monday, 3 May 2021

One-off Apprentice Rough Draft from 1982

Here's an oldie I wanted to resuscitate, because on listening again it shot right up to the top of the pile for that old classic US-style fusion.  I mean this kind of music, like Chopin, should be eternal.  IMHO, as the kids say, and by kids, I mean anyone under the age of 40.

Apprentice - 1982 - Rough Draft:

James Pastman: Acoustic and Electric Piano,Mini,Micro Moog,Obertheim Polyphonic,Clavinet and Percussion

Mitch Hayes: Acoustic and Electric Guitars

Kenny Nugent: Bass

Jerry Leake: Vibes,Marimba,Hand Drums and Percussion

Frank Stauffer: Drums

From pnf:

On fire with a US fusion tear here, from the fantastic master shige we have this amazing high-quality rip... This time from the early eighties, you can't mistake those digital keys and splashy drumming style. Musically this album is phenomenal, high energy and great composition. I step back for magister dixit:

Very professionally played fusion by this experienced (albeit unknown) team, one throwaway song in the form of the christmas charlie brown song, I think the compositions are really outstanding, you can listen many times to this and always find new ideas to enjoy yourself with...

Track 5 (Privately Maintained) reminds me a lot of Finnforest with the circular electric piano pattern and strong electric guitar statements starting with a windy-atmospheric beginning. Definitely my favourite for the aforementioned european sound. Digital strings make an appearance but thankfully are kept subdued in the background. A more unfortunate 80s-sound casio keyboard starts off the next track though-- is it possible we really loved that casio sound back then, 25 years ago? Hard to know. 

Track 7 (Time Change) is a more progressive shadowfax-like [in the watercourse way sense] composition with a lot of energy and velocity to drive us through to the end.

Hopefully there can be no complaints about the high-quality, highly competent rip here, tracklists are included for once in my posts. For those who hated my last two submissions and the fact they were put out publically rather than fantasized about in the privacy of a basement alone, I would appreciate more positive comments if there are any people who are thankful, which, of course, there may not be. Thanks to the two people who posted kind remarks to the last two albums. No thanks to  those who complained about the Coalition post, I suggest maybe just deleting the file from your computer if you don't like it, you can right-click on the file if you want and press the 'delete' button.

It seems the old adage "say nothing if you have nothing good to say" has transmuted in blogs to: "only speak if you have a complaint." I don't want to sound too old, but honestly, I couldn't be the only one who finds it depressing that we encounter rudeness everywhere we go in this world today, and I know from travels, that this is a phenomenon that is pretty much worldwide except possibly certain small pockets of Hawai'i.

Finally, we all hope and wish for the best for the people of Japan in this unbelievable tragedy, whose repercussions will continue for a long long time.... A quote again from master Shige:

"Sometimes a little good.

Almost all bad.

They are our lives."

I wrote this after the Fukushima disaster, btw, ten years ago!!

It's amazing to me how 'eternal' this music is for me, listening to it again and admiring the stunning and varied ideas and melodies they put into this.

I included a nice .m4a rip too, which sounds wonderful. 

Thoughts out there on that file type?


  1. mp3


  2. Thanks Julian. I'm an old Mac user and have always been a fan of .m4a files containing AAC or ALAC. I use AIFF a lot too.

  3. Thank you for this wonderfull post i still enjoy your fantastic work and hope you will carry on. Keep cool, many people cannot cope with the fact that their opinion is not the only one that applies.
    As you might know :The mother of the a....les is always pregnant

  4. Thank you for your effort, I really appreciate it - even when I do not share your taste in every aspect - but that would make it boring I think. So even if I do not like something - I would never dare to go on your nerves.
    So keep on that good work - And I love your posts!

    1. lol, people can and do make negative comments all the time, it would take more than that to make me stop posting!

  5. No reservation as to file format - although I have not met ALAC "disguised" as mp4 files before. Keep them coming!

    1. thanks, or maybe not thanks--depending on what you mean by that--?