Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Jean-Philippe Goude's Sur un air de gymnastique (78) by request [and Meli-Melodies (1981)]

Obviously these two wonderful albums belong together.  The latter has been available for some time digitally while as far as I know the former not, so I'm quite happy to present to you a brand new work to listen to.  When it comes to progressive masterpieces Jean-Philippe Goude's (who was in famed zeuhl masterpiece band Weidorje) earlier record with Olivier Cole (his percussionist on all these records, who was also in Gilbert Artman's Urban Sax) called "Jeunes Annees" is for me the true work of genius. As well one should mention 1980's Drones which is not to be ignored either.  In addition notice the presence of famed magmaesque artists Paganoti (misspelled with one t on this record!) on bass, and Kajdan on electric guitar on this 1978 outing.  (Another guitarist, Alain Ranval, plays on Meli.)

Given that it has held out for so long this album is not surprisingly the slight inferior in comparison with Meli.  The most progressive composition I was able to find was Midi, which seems to be a restatement of another track from another album, not sure which one exactly:

(Gotta love that final chord.)  Yet most of the music here is far too simple to be of any use to us.  Perhaps we were expecting too much, after being spoiled by the embarrassment of riches to be found in Weidorje, Jeunes Annees, Drones...

Anyways here's my favourite track (most advanced, composed, Thollotesque) from Meli, Le Ska du Loup:

[Sigh, how it takes you back to those wondrous gorgeous progressive Magma years!!!]

With regards to his later chamber works, I felt his best was the earliest, De Anima, though the simplicity of these compositions leaves a lot to be desired.


  1. goude gymnastique
    goude meli melodies:

    1. note lossless drones upload below, by saucerpeople

  2. ohh very sorprise for me! Jean-Philippe Goude's Many thanks Julian Ryan , I am very grateful to put this jewelry electronic music of France , thank you very much for the contribution to music on vinyl

  3. wow these are fabulous! Ta!

  4. I have been listening to the two Jean-Phillipe Goude albums you posted quite regularly and while I agree with you completely, it doesn't reach the heady heights of Drones, both albums definitely have their moments.

    Off 'Sur Un Air De Gymnastique', I would single out Littoral, Tout Ou Pas and Soleil Noir for honourable mention and from 'Meli-Melodies' (which overall, I actually prefer), in addition to your favourite track, Le Ska du Loup, I would go for my personal favourites which are Tempo Deux and Energie, closely followed by Rymthmique and Attention À La Marche.

    I just did a quick net scour and the only rip of Drones I could find is a 192 rip of the CD reissue, so I thought I should upload and post a good quality FLAC rip of the 2010 CD Reissue, which is the same as the original 1993 French CD reissue - just in case any one new to the wonderful world of JPG wants to hear it in good quality (and of course it is pleasure to contribute to such a great blog in my own small way) -


    Above link is to my Yandex account so it should stay live for a long while, which makes this post overall the most complete collection of Jean-Philippe-Goude rips on the net!)