Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Knut Rössler 's Brassy Brew - Bus Stop (Germany, 1981)

Surely there's nothing like a gorgeous cover photo as the above.

This is the brainchild and compositions of saxophonist and flautist Knut Rössler.
Remember him?  He was in Fuchs-Goos Band and Chameleon which I posted here.  He also appeared with G. Lawall here.

The music is quite light and funky and less progressive than the Chameleon 2 record which for me is his best work.  That album came together like magic in a progressive all-round harmony.

Clearly the most accessible track is B2's perfectly titled "Hit": 

A bit simplistic, but perfect for a pretty spring day.


  1. https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/bjm0v6

    1. KNUT was also pkayed keyboards and sax in the German heavy/hard rock band NIGHT SUN. LP/CD: "Mournin'" (1972) on Polydor/Zebra/Second Battle. QUITE a difference than THIS album ! ------> https://www.discogs.com/Night-Sun-Mournin/release/2488518

  2. Many thanks Julian Ryan , great album

  3. Olá J Ryan.
    Obrigado por compartilhar seu arquivos de boa música. É sempre bom escutar novos sons.
    O seu blogspot é bom. Forte abraço.