Sunday, 3 May 2015

By request, The Two Faces of Teddy Lasry from 1983 [Patchwork MC 72]

I had high hopes that the two sides would present two different sides of his music-- presumably, advanced and commercial, unfortunately so far as I can tell this is not the case at all with both sides suffering from an excess of simplicity. "What's wrong with simple music?" I'm always asked when I talk about my love for progressive rock. Well, let's take it to a reductio ad absurdum: would you listen to children's nursery rhymes all day, which is as simple as music can get, or perhaps country songs?

As usual in this record we are treated to his trademark style of percussive single-note fibrillation:

(A6, Tempest)

A pattern that is getting a little bitter to my taste having been used so many times before, particularly in the last installment Interpol.  For me his best, or most progressive and composed works, were 1976's E = mc2 and 1979's Seven Stones.  Track B4 comes close in interest and accomplishment, entitled In the Heart of the Earth:

It's quite amazing how many records he put out in the seventies, though to me most are middling.  Having said that, this one is definitely above average and I am glad it was bought.


  1. 2 faces s

  2. for all you lossless lovers, limited time only

  3. Suprise for me , oohh Teddy Lasry álbum Fanstatic , Many thanks Julian Ryan contributions wonderful music the great Teddy

  4. More Lasry
    La Femme
    E mc2
    Seven Stones
    Modern Way
    Probably everyone has these already...

  5. your welcome bro, enjoy it and have a good Sunday

  6. Many thanks Julian Ryan fantastic music very nice music Teddy , good Sunday greetings friend

  7. Teddy Lasry Action Printing 1975


  8. Between you and Pornotrond, my Teddy Lasry wishlist has been fulfilled beyond all hopes - you sir, are a star - top quality rips, rare as rocking horse shit albums and quality selections - it reminds me of the heady days of the blogs of Paul Durango, Painted On Silence, MOOG 36 15 (I may have got the numbers wrong) when I first discovered there was an entire universe of library music that I had no idea existed all.

    As well as the wonderful Teddy Lasry posts on Progressreview, the mighty Pornotrond has also posted the rare 1975 album Love Valley he did with Luciano Simoncini:

    There is also a great early Teddy Lasry related album 'More Creative Pop' (with 4 tracks by him plus some killers by fellow Magma head Claude Engel and the jazzy French drummer Bernard Lubat) posted at all things zeuhl, the Cun Cun Revival blog (not sure if this is the same rip as the one posted on Mutant Sounds years ago, as I lost that particular rip in a hard drive crash but I think it is, either way, the quality is good:

    And as this is becoming a Teddy Lasry homage, here are another couple of TL related albums to add to the list that I've just upped at MF for archive purposes, the first one was originally ripped and posted by Paul Durango in 2008 and the Funky Fusion compilation was I think posted first by Pornotrond or Killa The Librarian (though I could be wrong about that as my memory ain't what it used to be...)

    While I totally appreciate the Interpol FLAC rip was a limited time offer, I do hope some kind soul who had the good sense to download it can provide a link as I would love to hear it in all its sonic majesty (not that the 320 rip isn't excellent).... I know Seven Stones and E mc2 are the 'prog' fans favourites, but personally, its Action Printing, the Interpol album and the Patchwork albums that really do it for me! (and of course the Baschet - Structures Sonores albums the very young Teddy played on!).

  9. Wow, thanks for all that!
    Here is the interpol lossless (wav) for less unlimited time only:

  10. Just uploaded another couple of TL albums on Patchwork which are both absolutely excellent (the Claude Perraudin side on Racing is damned splendid as well, another French genius that would be a household name in a sane world). Not sure who originally ripped these albums, possibly Paul Durango, but whoever it was, I salute you.

    Racing (Patchwork MC 24) [1976][1981].rar

    For those interested in the 1985 Adventures album and the 1987 Back To Amazonia album, they can be found in the comments section of a Seven Stones post at the Sweeter Than Echoes blog (they are packaged up with a rip of Action Printing by a nice person called Glown and posted at MF) - As the eighties drew on, I don't think many artists came out of it unscathed music wise - but the later TL albums definitely have their moments of glory.

    With all the wonderful rips and links Julian has provided (several of which have never seen the light of day before in the blogworld) and the links above, it should keep the members of the Teddy Lasry Appreciation Society very happy indeed... did I mention my request for a repost of the FLAC rip of Interpol? I think I did... I think I did... ;)

    1. just between your comments you may find the interpol reup

    2. Ha! I was getting ready to add a response about Adventures and Back to Amazonia but I see you beat me to it... with me! :P

      This comment thread has quickly become one of the best ever. Love Lasry. Thanks all!

  11. Hi,Julian.
    Thanks a lot for the post.
    Really excellent jazz rock album,and your ripping is also great ...just like a legal CD copy.

  12. Please Upload Teddy Lasry ‎ Tutti Fluti 1975 , many thanks Julian Ryan

  13. Please upload Teddy Lasry ‎ Woodwind Atmospheres 2000 many thanks

  14. Hey Julian, Many many thanks for reposting the Interpol rip in glorious FLAC - I have to agree with Shige in the comment above, the quality of the rips on this blog is just outstanding (only matched by the rarities themselves).

    Thanks Glown for the later TL albums, I think between us, we have most if not all of the TL rips posted on the net so far contained in this comments section!

    Like Carlos, I hope to see a rip of Tutti Fluti posted on the net one day, but as it is one of the rarer Patchwork albums, I am not that hopeful (the only track I have heard from it is Los Angeles and in my opinion, the track is one of the best I have heard by him so I imagine it's a truly great album).

    Thanks to the music blog universe, Teddy Lasry is becoming much better known globally and hopefully this will result in some reissues as he really deserves the widest possible recognition.

  15. Sometimes I wonder if Teddy Lasry is the Grandfather of Daft Punk. Electrofunk à la carte.

  16. Amazing stuff! Any chance of a reup for the lossless albums? Thanks in advance!

  17. Amazing stuff! Any chance of a reup for the lossless albums? Thanks in advance!