Sunday, 13 June 2021

George Kochbek's Hamlet Tagträume from 1984

An interesting mix of electronic with slow-moving passages for the most part, and quite experimental music from the year 1984.  I'm looking for help finding the requested In Time album from him, which came out earlier, anyone have it?

Brief Bio:

German composer, songwriter and keyboardist, working in jazz fusion, pop and disco fields. He was credited under his real name Jürgen Kochbeck on early releases before he launched a solo career. He is married to Sabine Bulthaup.

Note that he played in the Alto albums, both of which I really love, and in Skyline's Louise for a Night one-off prog rock LP, and the Es Wham Bang fusion album which is also well-known.

The last track called Todestango:



  2. Amazing, one of my childhood heroes (without even knowing his name then). Kochbeck was once part of Carsten Bohn's Bandstand, who conceived the soundtrack to the German audio book version of the Three Investigators around 1979-1983, which was, and still is, a huge success here in Germany. Bohn, Kochbeck and a few other gifted guys instilled a musically naive youth with solid fusion. They recently rejoined in the studio to re-record the old soundtracks because after legal issues they were never officially released ("Brandnew Oldies" Vol. 1-4). It's the soundtrack to my childhood and the reason why I still love all things fusion. A big thanks to them. Hope all is fine, Julian!